What’s intimate about data? -seminaarin puheenvuorot katsottavissa

What’s intimate about data flows? Who tracks what or whom? Why should we care?

Digital media is, especially in these times of social distancing, infrastructural in how we navigate the obligations of work, studies and social life. Devices, apps and services both generate and leak data as we message, do searches, post on social media, track our number of steps or match with someone on a dating app. All kinds of daily routines give rise to data shadows reflective of our habits, likes and intimate attachments.

Our seminar asked, what is at stake in data-driven technologies both shaping and invading everyday life.

Susanna Paasonen, University of Turku, “Intimacy in Data-Driven Culture”

Minna Ruckenstein, University of Helsinki, “Self-Tracking and the Limits of Intimacy”

Deborah Lupton, University of New South Wales, “More-than-Human Data Intimacies”

Irina Shklovski, University of Copenhagen, “The Perils of Visibility: Why the digital world is inevitably creepy”