The problem with sex in social media -seminaarin puheenvuorot katsottavissa

Sexual content is moderated on most social media platforms. At the same time, the diverse shapes that sexual content takes and the multiple roles that sexuality plays in the everyday lives of social media users mean that this no simple issue.

Our seminar brings together an international group of experts to address the different stakes involved in publishing and moderating sexual content in social media. Speakers include a representative of Facebook, a scholar exploring sexual cultures in social media, and a public health expert. Moving from the overall rationale of social media community standards to the perceived value of sexual communication and questions connected to sexual rights, we ask why, how and where sex poses a problem and what social consequences all this entails.

Christine Grahn: How community standards work

Katrin Tiidenberg: Sex and platform power

Nalubega Ross: Sexual Rights and Digital Intimacies: A proposed framework for intimate exchanges online