Report on managing the risks of online harassment

This report brings together information garnered from research and reports related to online harassment. It also discusses guides and handbooks that have been compiled in relation to harassment in diverse contexts, for use in later research.

Chapter 1 presents the most common forms, situations and targets of online harassment. Research has shown that some of the professions particularly prone to harassment are journalists, politicians and researchers. Research, guides and instructions pertaining to these professions are considered in Chapter 2. Because the tactics for managing harassment and the guides and instructions directed at various audiences are similar, to a great extent, they are jointly discussed in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 looks at the employer’s responsibility in harassment cases through diverse guides, handbooks and research studies. Additionally, the report provides a summary of the best tactics and advice for preventing and managing harassment, for both individuals and employers, based on the guidelines and instructions that are most often repeated in research, reports and guides (Appendices 2 and 3).

The report can be downloaded here.

The Finnish version, as well as more specific guidelines for journalists, politicians and researchers (in Finnish) can be found here.